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This is the website of Contin Community Council.

The purpose is to keep the residents of Contin, Jamestown and Tarvie informed of what the Community Council is doing and for them to inform the Council of their views.

There are several ways of contacting your Community Councillors:-

  1. Come to a meeting and join in the public part of it.
  2. email on contincommunitycouncil@gmail.com
  3. Send feedback on the "Feedback" page to the left
  4. Contact us through our Facebook page


Contin Community Foodbank is for anyone to make use of, whatever the reason - and there are many at this difficult time.

Just a wee reminder that the foodbank is open to all in the village everyday from 12-1. This service is completely free to use. If you can't make it to the hall during the day - we deliver, also free of charge, at a time to suit you if necessary. You can also receive goods from us as many times as you need.

If you would rather meet us outwith the opening time then:please get in touch via Facebook or call Jacqueline Urquhart on 07925360915, this number is also for general enquiries.

Please also bear in mind that this service is confidential and is manned by volunteers.

Donations are also very welcome.


Contin Community Council Reboots Local Transport Connections

Contin Community Council has brought together a team to plan improved transport services. Over the next 2 months whilst transport is restricted the team will be studying travel patterns and speaking to local people to understand how to make everyday journeys easier, to shops, schools, colleges, health services and for leisure.

Chair of Contin Community Council Norma Ross said “Local transport services seem to have been in decline for some time and the recent cuts in the 27 bus service were the last straw. It is time for the community to step up and organise better solutions.”

“The economy is changing, and local transport services must keep up. The population of Contin is growing and we need to ensure transport responds with improvements. To succeed we need transport operators, local residents, businesses, and public and community organisations to help us achieve a better future together.”

The team includes representatives from the Community Councils of Garve, Marybank, Scatwell & Strathconon and Strathpeffer, together with support from Highland Council, Foundation Scotland and transport expert Derek Halden.

The catalyst for this project has been a sudden and unexpected reduction in bus services from Contin leaving no provision from mid-morning to late afternoon. There has also been a smaller reduction in the Strathpeffer daily services and other changes affecting Marybank and Garve.

Community led transport solutions have been becoming increasingly common in recent years with some communities raising funds to commission services or alternatively getting involved in running local services. To reboot transport connections the project will be looking at ways to improve buses, taxis, community car and lift sharing schemes so that they can all play a greater role in the future of greener transport that meets everyone’s needs. That might mean short lifts in community cars and taxis from more isolated locations to link up with regular bus services so that people can travel affordably when they need to for work, personal business and leisure.

The team hopes from a great response from the local communities with suggestions about what people would like to see happen. To contact the team please get in touch through the links from Contin Community Council website or Facebook page.

22 May 2020





28/2/2020 We have received a response from the Office of the Traffic Commissioner. Please click on the link to read the letter, noting in particular the last two paragraphs. 

Letter from Traffic Commissioner's Office

5/3/2020 We have now received a response from Transport Scotland

EDF Corriemoillie Education and Training Fund- link below



Micro Grants are available. You can apply by completing the form on the Micro Grant Form page on the left.

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