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18 December 2020

Greenloaning Station and House

Historic Environment Scotland Listing (HES)

Consultation closes 12th January 2021


We are looking for your help

Greenloaning Station and House is in the process of consideration for a Listing Status with HES.  Please access the undernoted website and click on"email your comments about this case".

As we have heard that Network Rail have plans to demolish the Station Building at Greenloaning and utilise as an industrial base within this rural sttlement, we want to save our valuable local history and prevent any further damage to the site. 

There is a public consultation currently underway by HES and we are looking for as much support as possible to have the Station Building protected and saved.  This consultation closes on 12th January 2021, so we don't have much time to do this. The Station was opened by Scottish Central Railway (SCR) on 22nd May 1848, closed as a working station on 11th June 1956 and served Braco and Greenloaning for passengers, goods and cattle.  There is also a Royal connection with the Station.  The building is now 172 years old, so of significant local historic interest and still in a condition to be Listed.  From when it opened, it has been home to many stationmasters over the years until it closed as a working station.  Thereafter, the whole building was converted to a house.  Some of you will be aware that a lot of work has been going on at this property in the last year..  Network Rail purchased the whole property and grounds at the end of 2019.  The building itself and the bothy are now under threat if something is not done urgently.  It is an important historic building and worth saving by the community.  As far as is known, there are only two remaining SCR station buildings left.  One is only a part of the original building and that is at Larbert.  Greenloaning is the last remaining complete SCR building of its style and it has an interesting local history for the community to be proud of.  The bothy, which is in a bit of a state now, was built before the station building by the Navvies, so they had some shelter while working on the line, so that has been in existence since before 1848, adjacent to the station building.  So far, the work being carried out, by Network Rail, at the property has damaged and scarred much of the land, but does not appear to have caused much damage to the building or the bothy.  However, we are aware that this may change in the very near future.  We need your help now.  Thank you in anticipation of your support.


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