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Braco and Greenloaning Community Council 


Minutes of  Meeting, 14 August 2014 


Village Hall, Braco - 7.30pm. 



1. Attendees: A Pryor, B Thomson, M. Boxer,  D Lindsay, R                       

    Duckworth, B Scott. Clr M Lyle, Clr A Gaunt

    Apologies: Clr T Gray, Clr M Lyle, Clr A Gaunt, N Anderson SSE)


2. Minutes of last Meeting.

     Approved by B Scott, seconded by D Lindsay.


3. Matters Arising        

  (3.01)  Roads generally -  It was noted the A822 from Greenloaning to Braco mini roundabout still had a number of potholes, damaged gullies etc. all of which were supposed to be made good prior to the Ryder Cup.   Also the on and off slip road junction with the A9 was still congested with weeds, grit and rubbish.

   (3.02) Defibrillators - A Wine Tasting evening has been arranged in the Village Hall on Saturday 16 August to raise further funds for the defibrillators.  The second site to be in Greenloaning has not been confirmed.  Both Communities have been informed of the project (leaflet drop) and It was hoped that sufficient funds would allow some progress for installation to proceed.   The Development Trust has been approached to release further funds to help meet the target.

   (3.03)  Greenloaning School Traffic - No response has been received from PKC Schools Road Safety on proposed road markings and road signs suggested for Mill Hill Road and alterations to road markings opposite the A9 junction.

  (3.04)  Ryder Cup  - A route map showing road restrictions and transport arrangements for the 23 to 27 September has been issued, however this had raised more confusion because of the colour schemes used. A subsequent revised plan has been issued.

   (3.05)  T in the Park  -  No further statements have been issued by PKC.  It was known an Action Group had been established to stop the movement to Strathallan Castle.  Lack of “Due Process” by PKC is the main cause of concern by local residents.  Whilst PKC have sought the Scottish Governments backing on their procedures, legal representation has been made to the Government to have the decision reviewed and procedures followed to satisfy all parties.  A suggested meeting with Mr McNamara (PKC Head of Environmental and Consumer Services) has been requested by the Strathearn Forum to clarify the PKC decision.


4. Community Police Report.

No report received for the past month.   The Secretary reported there had been  incidents reported locally in Braco and the residents were not happy with the Police response.  The non attendance of the Police meant this item could not be discussed. It was agreed the Secretary would contact the Police about future attendance.


5.  SSE Powerline Project update.

SSE Liaison Officer Neil Anderson had sent his apologies, Mr John Buchan (SSE Overhead Line Manager) and Mr Owen Condon were in attendance.  

Mr Buchan reported progress on tower erection on the Braco to Cromlix section which now allowed them to commence the line stringing.   Work would commence at the north end of the line working towards the Substation.   It was proposed to use helicopter work stringing out the initial lines to move conductors and insulators into position.  Approx. 60 men would be employed on this task.  Traffic control would be in place over the Comrie Road during the initial phase of the works. The works would then progress from the Substation towards the Cromlix end of the line. 1st Phase was timed for three days between the 15 - 22 August. 2nd Phase between 5 - 23 September. Full safety measures would be in place during these operations.  It was understood on land owners and farmers had been advised of the work procedures to secure livestock in the areas. 

Cables were aluminium with a fibre optic cable at the top of the towers.  Concern was expressed as to the movement of the stringing work force as the tower erection gangs had parked their cars in the village causing traffic problems.  Questions were asked as to why the designated car park at Mr Dunn’s farm had not been used? The SSE would report back.

Woodlands - this work is still on going.

Substation -  Works are progressing well . Electrical structures and equipment will be brought to site later in the year.  As previously reported the Transformer delivery is now programmed for October 2014.  It was noted that SSE were looking at carrying out alteration works either side of the Keir Bridge (possible seat movement) and examine the trees along the B8033 to give clearance - The CC requested details of this work as the community had been assured there was no cause to alter this road.  SSE to check the proposed route and report back at the next meeting with facts and figures.  It was felt a large number of local people would be interested in the arrival and delivery of the Transformers, therefore for safety purposes information should be released.

Substation Noise - Concern was still expressed by some members of the Council and Public as to the resolving of the complaints at the Beauly Substation especially as the clearance of trees surrounding the Braco Substation (wood harvesting) would expose the building to a wider audience.   It was also noted the sight line of the towers across the horizon generally was far more prominent than identified on the original projected drawings, in line with the views expressed during the Enquiry.


6.  Planning

     No specific local applications to report.  Details of a further extension to Doune Wind Farm not confirmed.


7.  Ardoch Development Trust.  -  

     (7.01)  Agreement to match funding for defibrillators.

     (7.02)   Music Night planned for 30 August in the Village Hall.

     (7.03)   Meeting to be arranged with Burnfoot Developer re funds.


8. BGCC Accounts

     (8.01)  Grant cheque received from PKC for the financial year.  (£444.50)   PKC had recognised there were certain funds held in CC account that did not relate to  administration expenses in calculating the grant award.

      (8.02)  The current account was approx. £2324.


9.  AOCB

   (9.01) Rural Parliament - The Scottish Government is encouraging local people to become involved and influence the themes to be discussed in a Rural Parliament. The Themes  for 2014 are (a) Rural Business and Employment (b) Land use, planning and land reform (c) Transport infrastructure (d) Protecting our natural assets and adapting to environmental changes (e) Broadband and connectivity and (f) Support for communities to lead with confidence.

The official press release for circulation and additional information are available on

A question was raised as to why this was called a ‘parliament’ when no elections were held?

(9.02) Local Development Plan - The consultation on the draft supplementary guidance will run for a 6 week period between the 21 July and 1 September 2014 before approval by the Scottish Ministers.  The document contains proposals for Perth, Aberfeldy and Pitlochry but does not effect Braco and Greenloaning.

For further information see

       (9.03)  Youth in Braco - .  5 sessions of Street Sports over the summer of 2014 have be held in Lodge Park and further work with parents/adults will hopefully develop other activities.  The scheme was supported by children from Braco and Greenloaning.

    (9.04)  Referendum for CCs - Proposals that Community Councils should have more power as originally proposed in 2011 by Alec Salmond.  Currently there are no proposals to achieve this position by any Government. The body proposing this development are using mainly facebook to promote this form of local government.

  (9.05) Bus Timetable Revision - Following the request for a bus route from Braco,Greenloaning to Blackford, Gleneagles Station, Perth Docherty’s Midland Coach Service (No.19 and 20) will serve the new places.  Timetables are available in the Village Shop.  

    (9.06) Fracking - the Government has supported the exploration for oils and gases by the fracking method and any area effected by such drilling processes will be compensated.  The CC hoped PKC would advise if any such procedures were planned for this area.

      (9.07)   Flooding to Tennis Court. - It was proposed and approved the CC would seek quotations from two local companies to improve the drainage to the far side of the tennis court.  Unfortunately slow progress on obtaining the necessary existing drainage plans have not been achieved so the CC has decided to press ahead with the improvements.

    (9.08)   Village Leaflets - Favourable comment was passed by a member of the public on the leaflets presently stored in a dispenser on the Hall wall and requested whether these would be available elsewhere in the Village.  It was hoped to install a dispenser adjacent to the Heritage plaque near the entrance to Lodge Park.

     (9.09)  Domestic Waste Bins - Further to the report a few months ago future Council bins would have tops that fitted properly to keep out wasps etc. also no drainage holes in the bottom to permit the entry of rodents.

   (9.10) Path Signs - PKC have notified us that signs indicating the paths will be erected shortly in the Braco area.  No indication as to whether the local landowners have been notified.

   (9..11)  First World War Commemoration - A service was held at the Braco War Memorial conducted by the Rev. I Paton and organised by the British Legion.  Crosses were planted in memory of all those locals who lost their lives in the Great War.  Visits were made to the local cemeteries.


Meeting closed at  21.15.


Date of the next meeting - 11 September  2014 at 7.30pm in the Braco Village Hall.


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