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Braco and Greenloaning Community Council

Draft Minutes of Community Council Meeting 8 May 2019

Braco Village Hall - 7.45pm 

1. Attendees: A.Pryor, R Duckworth, M.Cox, A. Gordon, M.Boxer, Cllr T Gray.

Apologies: Cllr M. Lyle and Cllr C Reid.

2. Minutes of Last Meeting.

Approved by M Cox seconded by A Gordon.

3. Matters Arising.
(3.01) Roads Generally
The Secretary was able to record attention had been given by PKC to a number of potholes etc. recently reported. Concern was expressed by a number of those present at the number of gulley covers that became displaced resulting in potholes. 
(3.02) Dog Responsibilities. 
A report was received from Braco & Greenloaning Dog Community Partnership reporting notices had now been printed to remind dog owners of their responsibilities and new boxes made for accessing waste bags. A Facebook page had been established to help improve communication. A reminder was put forward identifying there were a large number of lambs running around in fields where dogs are being walked, it was the responsibility of the dog owners to keep control of their dogs all the time.

(3.03)Community Council Membership.
The Chairman was pleased to announce Sally Thomson, had been asked to join the Community Council to bring the membership numbers up to date. Subject to Perth & Kinross approving her nomination Sally was invited to take a seat on the Council. 

4. Community Police Report. 
The Secretary recorded apologies from the Police but reported using the Police Commanders Report which identified issues currently being dealt with by the Police, with Mental Health awareness and Youth anti social behaviour being the current topics. The latter had been noted locally with youths setting up camp in the woods at Grinnan Hill. After a warning from a member of the Public they dispersed, only to return. A visit from the Police resulted in the youths clearing their tents, bonfire and litter before dispersing.

5. Planning. 
No items to report this month.

6. Ardoch Development Trust

A grant has been awarded to Braco School to assist with the payment of fees for those children who attend the RDA riding lessons in Crieff. A Grant had also been made to the Church towards the cost of repairing areas affected by dry rot.
The Chairman noted the Trust were seeking to appoint new Trustees to assist with the management of the Funds. A new company secretary would need to be appointed at ! !the AGM on the 20 June 2019.

7. Strathearn Forum

A meeting with the PKC CEO had been arranged for the 5 June to replace the cancelled March meeting. Details and Agenda were to be fixed at a meeting organised for 15 May at East Strathearn CC.

8. BGCC Accounts

The Treasurer confirmed the accounts for the end of the financial year 2018/2019 had been audited and submitted to PKC. !


(9.01) Heart of Scotland Tourist Route Recent publicity has identified a route around

Perthshire to show off the scenic countryside. Following some adverse publicity of the Route 500 around the North of Scotland, because of the increase in traffic on unsuitable(single carriageway) roads, the opinion of those present at the meeting was the Perthshire roads would cope with the traffic and certainly many of the local businesses would welcome extra trade.

(9.02) Braco Village Hall A meeting had been held with PKC Property(Schools) to discuss the proposed changes to the Toilets. The proposals put forward were welcomed by the Hall Committee and a start date for the beginning of July was agreed. The proposals to construct a storage area on the North side of the Hall was also agreed, although no start date was put forward. There was concern that those items currently stored in the Toilet area (tables, gym mats etc.) would block the Hall if the storage area was not started soon.! (9.03) Community Investment Fund Round 2 of the CIF will be open to community-led projects from 13 May. Projects welcome.

(9.04) Supplementary Guidance Consultation PKC is preparing a new and updated Supplementary Guidance to support the Perth and Kinross Proposed Local Development Plan which is scheduled for adoption later this year. Comments are sought on the proposals and can be viewed online at

(9.05) Safety in PlayPark A report has been received from the School on the condition of the goal posts situated in the Play Park. An inspection had not identified any damage and if the school wished to use them it was up to the staff to supervise children using the goals.! (9.06) Car Park at Bowling Club Questions were raised as to the ownership of the Car Park at the Bowling Club. The parking of two large caravans on the pathway adjacent to the Church boundary wall restricted the use of this area together with a number of commercial vehicles also parked on this strip of land. It was hoped some amicable solution could be reached. The Bowling Club had removed their temporary boundary fence alongside the road which did enable prams, walkers etc. to proceed safely from the Ardoch Estate into the village.

(9.07) European Elections. The Secretary reminded all the Village Hall will be required as a Polling Station for the European Elections on Thursday 23 May 2019.
(9.08) Abe Barron The family of the late Abe Barron have arranged a commemoration service in Braco Village Hall on Tuesday 21 May at 7pm to which all friends are invited.

The Meeting closed at 20.45pm 

Date of the Next Meeting: 13 June 2019, 7.30pm Braco Village Hall. 




















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