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Braco and Greenloaning Community Council

Draft Minutes of Community Council Meeting

11 November 2021

Braco Village Hall - 7.30pm


1. Attendees: A.Pryor, M.Boxer, A. Gordon, M Cox , J. Whyte and Cllr T Gray

    Apologies: Cllr M. Lyle.

2. Minutes of Last Meeting.
Minutes of the meeting held on 14 October 2021 were approved by A Gordon, seconded by M Cox.


3. Matters Arising.
(3.01) Roads Generally Following the long discussions last month on the state of the roads in Braco & Greenloaning it was noted PKC had carried out specific work on the gullies. However the work north of the Knaik bridge had not been cleared. PKC had requested details of the accidents that had happened over the past 6 months (or more) before they would investigate the problem at the Knaik Bridge. The Secretary was to contact a resident in Bridgend to see what dates and details could be sourced. Clr Gray stated an inspection of the bridge would identify damage caused. Also the repairs to the stone wall adjacent to the Masson’s property. The damaged road surfaces at Greenloaning (Railway Bridge also A9 junction adjacent Greenloaning School) had been reported to PKC Roads and Bear Scotland. The Secretary reported he had had a discussion with PKC on traffic speeds after last months reports and acknowledged the 20mph limits had been installed in certain areas as a trial. Some of those areas had now been adopted. Subsequent to the trial several hundred communities had identified areas that would suit the 20mph limit. The trials had identified a drop in speeds generally but not down to the 20mph limit.
(3.02) Braco Village Hall. Work still remained outstanding to roof repairs. PKC stated orders had been passed to a contractor but the leaks were still evident. No response as to the Hall Storage facility. The Secretary reported the Hall was being regarded by the Community as a ‘cupboard’. The number of items blocking the floor was interfering with community events.
(3.03) Traffic Speed B8033 (Glassick Cottage) After last month’s meeting it was recorded additional road edge markers had been inserted by PKC to slow traffic down on this road. An email had been received from a resident in Ardoch Way complaining of the speed of traffic coming from Kinbuck direction into Braco, this made exit from the Ardoch Estate hazardous. This item had been added to the comments sent to PKC on road speeds.

4. Community Police Report.
The Police were not in attendance, apologies were received but Police Scotland was heavily committed to the COP26 conference in Glasgow. Items taken from the Commanders Bulletin included the ‘Project Servator’ which dealt with the handling of Terrorist activities. This hopefully did not effect this community.!
It was noted the Regulations for fireworks should only be used between 6pm and 11pm.

5. Planning.
No items to report.

6. Ardoch Development Trust.
At a recent meeting of the Trust it was reported the MUGA contractor had reinforced the edging boards to retain the drainage fill. The MUGA Sports Committee were proposing to install a secure hut to maintain equipment purchased for maintaining the MUGA. Discussion had been held with regard to the repairs to the stone wall from the Village towards the New Cemetery entrance. See Item 9.04 in these Minutes.

7. Strathearn Forum

No Forum Meetings are being held currently.

8. BGCC Accounts

The Treasurer reported there had been no change in the Accounts from the previous month.

(9.01) A9 Traffic Speeds - This matter was raised by a member of the Greenloaning Community who wished to bring to the attention of the CC the various reports on the safety of the A9, especially between Dunblane and Greenloaning. A report prepared at the time of the proposed Lorry Park/Service Station to be constructed on the A9 at Kinbuck, which did not receive planning permission, highlighted the number of dangerous crossovers, farm accesses and slip roads (on/off) that did not comply with DMRB regulations. The report identified this stretch of the A9 as to be one of the most dangerous roads in the country. The Resident drew attention to the lack of signage warning drivers of the hazards ahead. These signs were more common place on other stretches of dual carriageways and would warn drivers to take care. The CC accepted her presentation and would forward to PKC Roads our concern, however the A9 construction, maintenance and regulations are the responsibility of Road Transport Scotland. Currently there was an ongoing discussion between PKC and Transport Scotland on the large number of hazards on the A9 between the Keir Roundabout and Broxden Roundabout. The failure of the proposed Lorry Park to gain planning application hopefully meant there would not be an increase in traffic using the Greenloaning Junction for crossing carriageways. It is understood Dunblane CC were pursuing a response from Stirling Council on similar road safety matters.

(9.02) Red Squirrel Notices After enquiries from members of the Community as to where these signs could be purchased. Contact could be made through It was proposed the CC would purchase some signs which could be used in areas of the community.

(9.03) Recycling Bins No action has been taken by PKC to reorganise the Braco Recycling site.

(9.04) Repairs to A822 Stone Wall from Village towards the New Cemetery Entrance The proposal to repair and tidy up this stretch of wall was welcomed but concern was expressed as from where the stone was to be sourced? If the damaged wall on the Greenloaning side of the entrance was removed then this should be replaced with a post and wire fence up to the existing field gate to keep the place tidy. It is understood a pathway on the field side of the wall was proposed to enable people visiting the Cemetery on foot, avoid the road traffic. A previous suggestion of a post and wire with a hedge to replace the old damaged wall was no longer being considered.

(9.05) Citizens Rights - Eu Citizens There was a reminder from PKC any European citizens in the Community needed to register their position before the middle of March 2022.

(9.06) Community Groups The Open Day held in the Village Hall 23/10/2021 had attracted a number of visitors and some of the Societies welcomed new members. It is hoped with the easing of covid restrictions the community organisations would begin to flourish again.

(9.07) Chest Heart & Stroke Volunteer Day Any one wishing to participate in this event was welcome to attend a meting in Perth on the 18 November 2021 to be held in the premises in High Street, Perth.

(9.08) Boundary Commission Scotland A review is currently being held to alter the number of Westminster constituencies in Scotland. The number is being reduced to 57 (-2). This does not effect this constituency.

(9.09) Feddal Forest A report and details of the felling and replanting of this forest area has been received from Tilhill Forestry Management.

(9.10) Queens Green Canopy Project/Platinum Jubilee The CC was seeking to find out if the community was interested in planting a tree (or trees) in conjunction with this project. Tree planting had received a mixed reception from some community members in the past but if a site could be identified and supported by the community this matter would proceed. Ardoch in Bloom to be consulted.

(9.11) Greenloaning Station The area of land has been stripped of all trees and the site cleared. Concern that Network Rail wish to develop this site for future use. No planning applications have been submitted to date. Concern was expressed at the large vehicles leaving the site were struggling to turn south onto to A822. They were causing a potential traffic hazard. A letter was to be sent to Network Rail expressing our concern.

(9.12) Parking, Front Street Residents in Front Street are concerned about the volume of cars parked in Front Street. A number of the cars during the day are users of the Coffee Shop. Parking along this road is free to all and as long as they are not causing an obstruction to an entrance as was the problem in Gentlecroft. This matter could not be policed.

(9.13) Smiddy Brae Road Surface. This matter has been raised with PKC in the past and we are to understand this work is on their list for renewal. Timing unknown. The Chairman reminded all present the opportunity to report road repairs etc. could be made by anyone to

(9.14) Police Card board Cutouts A question was raised as to the availability of the cardboard cut out Police figure to try and slow traffic down. Checking the internet they are approximately £40 each.

The Meeting concluded at 21.10

Please Note
The Date of the next meeting 09 December 2021 at 7.30pm, Braco Village Hall.




















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