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Draft Minutes of Community Council Meeting 

13 December 2019

Braco Church Hall - 7.30pm 

1. Attendees:A.Pryor,M.Boxer,R.Duckworth,A.Gordon,M.Cox.

    Apologies: S Thomson, Cllr M. Lyle, Cllr T Gray

2. Minutes of Last Meeting.

Approved by M Cox, seconded by A Pryor.

3. Matters Arising.
(3.01) Roads Generally
It was noted repair work carried out recently to A822 adjacent Sweeney’s Garage had lifted and broken up. Resurfacing to Langside Road had been completed but the drainage works were still under construction, it was hoped to reopen this road next week. A collapsed drain at Greenhaugh Cottage was to be investigated. One other area was raised by several reports of the deterioration of the stone wall alongside the A822 up to the Cemetery. Large stones were becoming dislodged (mortar collapsing) and becoming a hazard to pedestrians and other users of the footpath. Matter to be reported to Landowner.
(3.02) Carseview Road. 
Contact had been made with a resident in Carseview Road as to their understanding of the ownership of the road. The Resident could recall the Council repairing the road at various times when the houses were council property. However this had not been maintained when the houses were sold to private ownership. The Resident was unable to recall what was in the Deeds to the house and it was suggested contact should be made with one or two of the more recent house owners. In opening up this road to the new dwellings in Mid Lane, the Council had added a considerable traffic flow which was leading to the road deterioration.
(3.03) Braco Village Hall
The Secretary confirmed the installation of door closers, hat and coat hooks and mirrors would be undertaken during the School holiday. PKC have not confirmed when the other outstanding work would be completed. Kitchen Hatch cover not done(PKC).
(3.04) Community Initiative Funds
The Chairman confirmed applications for Grants by 15 January 2020. The £1000 Grants to Community Councils (CC) were now required to be supported by paperwork.

(3.05) Dog Watch 
There was no further update on the progress of the ‘boxes’ for the litter bags and appropriate signs. Concern was expressed that the previous improvement to clearing up by dog owners has slipped and the requirement for the posting of Notices might encourage some lapsed dog owners of their responsibilities.

4. Community Police Report
No attendance by the Police. 

Items identified from the Police Commanders Report requested responsible behaviour by persons enjoying Festive Activities. Personal and property security to be maintained over the holiday period.

5. Planning. 

There were no major planning applications in the area. The CC had been contacted by a resident in Kinbuck highlighting the proposed development at Glassingall Estate. This was a major change of use proposed to agricultural land between the A9 and B8033 involving the construction of holiday lodges, cycle tracks, activity centre etc. Two open meetings had been held, one in Dunblane and the other in Kinbuck to allow the public to view the proposals. The Kinbuck resident would keep us informed of future meetings and progress as it may effect traffic flow along the B8033.

6. Ardoch Development Trust
At the meeting of the Trust on Wednesday 27 November, three grant applications had been approved. A proposal to consider a mobile ‘skate park’ had been raised but further investigation work was to be looked at. The next meeting is in January 2020.

7. Strathearn Forum
The next Forum Meeting will now be held in Spring 2020. 

8. BGCC Accounts
As reported at the AGM, the Treasurer noted accounts for the period ending 31 August 2019 had been approved by PKC. The Balance in the Bank currently stood at £1135.46.

(9.01) Keep Perth Dry! An invitation had been received for CC to consider “Environmental proposals” on how to maintain sufficient controlled flooding of areas to ensure the river levels in Perth were maintained. It was suggested beavers were more capable of controlling the floods than man made hard engineering projects. Any comments should be expressed to the Government Environmental Minister.
(9.02)BT Phones BT are proposing to remove more phone boxes in Perth and Kinross, not in this area.
(9.03) Waste and Recycling Times over Christmas. The changes to collection dates do not effect our local collections. Recycling Centres will be closed on 25 and 26 December.! (9.04) Transport Scotland Survey. Transport Scotland is conducting an online survey for the Second Strategic Transport Projects Review on all transport modes and are actively seeking input from CCs and local networks. Further information and a link to the survey can be found at
(9.05) Schools Admission Policy.The Lifelong Learning Committee of PKC are proposing to continue to ensure that catchment pupils are awarded places in all schools as a priority ahead of any placing requests.
(9.06) Adoption of Perth & Kinross Local Development Plan. At the end of November PKC adopted the current Local Development Plan replacing the previous 2014 version.

(9.07) Counter Terrorism Training for the Public. Police Scotland are running a course for the public to assist of being aware of suspicious behaviour and understand what to do in the event of a major incident.
(9.08)Mid Lane Parking. Concern was expressed at certain areas of parking which were restricting the movement of pedestrians and prams etc. to move safely along the road. This matter to be examined and reported back.
The Chairman closed the Meeting wishing all in attendance a Happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year.

Date of the Next Meeting: 13 February, 2020 7.30pm in Braco Village Hall, 






















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