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Braco and Greenloaning Community Council

Draft Minutes of Community Council Meeting 

10 October 2019

Braco Hall - 7.30pm 

1. Attendees:A.Pryor,M.Boxer,RDuckworth,A.Gordon,CllrTGray.

Apologies: M.Cox, S Thomson Cllr M. Lyle.

2. Minutes of Last Meeting.

Approved by A. Gordon, seconded by R Duckworth.

3. Matters Arising.
(3.01) Roads Generally
A number of previously reported road repairs had now been attended to, however other areas have been also identified in the Ardoch Estate together with localised flooding at Blackhill Cottage, adjacent Roman Camp and Gleneagles turnoff. 
(3.02) Braco Village Hall
Despite agreement with the Council of areas still to be completed last month, work still remains outstanding which is effecting Community Groups using the Hall. One of the main problems is the rehanging of the Millennium Tapestry. The Frame etc. is still blocking the Stage area. Areas under the Stage have been sorted allowing some of the items to be stored.
(3.03) Community Council Elections!
Perth & Kinross Council (PKC) have published the results for the nomination of candidates for the November Community Council Election. The six candidates standing are Mike Boxer, Mike Cox, Richard Duckworth, Ann Gordon, Adrian Pryor and Sally Thomson. As sufficient nominations were received no election will be required.
(3.04) Burnfoot East Wind Farm
A Report of the meeting held in Blackford had been received from EDF Renewables outlining the proposed construction period for the three additional turbines, September 2019 to September 2020. There is no requirement for additional connections to the Grid as the existing cable will be used.

(3.05) Dog Watch 
There was an update on the progress of the ‘boxes’ for the litter bags and appropriate signs which were imminent. There are proposals to have a small dog training club covering obedience, agility and promoting responsible ownership. Use will be made of an indoor arena at Orchil Equestrian over the winter months for this activity.

4. Community Police Report
No attendance by the Police. Items identified from the Police Commanders Report highlighted property security, vehicle security and general awareness of bogus phone calls etc. The Police were taking an active interest in the ‘county lines’ movement of drugs around Scotland etc. It was noted a further quad bike had been stolen in the Muthill area. It was understood an arrest had been made relating to the Braco Coffee Shop break in.

5. Planning. 
Planning permission had been granted for a new property on the Whistlebrae Estate Road. Applications were noted for alterations etc. at Blackhill Cottage and Blueton Farm. Although outwith PKC boundary it was noted a large development was planned at Glassingall Estate.

6. Ardoch Development Trust
At a recent meeting the Trust had approved Grant Applications from (a) Braco Primary School, (b) The Kids AfterSchool Games Club, (c) School Music Class and (d) Ardoch Drama Workshop for Children. No further reports have been submitted re christmas lighting. The next meeting of the Trust was to be at the end of November.

7. Strathearn Forum
The next Forum Meeting was to be held on 20/11/2019.

8. BGCC Accounts
A report received from the Treasurer confirmed a Statement of Accounts for the period 1 April 2019 to 31 August 2019 had been signed off and submitted to PKC.. This was in accordance with the requirements of the forth coming elections for Community Councillors in November. The Balance in the Bank including the Special Funds stood at £1141.28.

(9.01) Braco Primary School Inspection
HM Inspectors from Education Scotland are to inspect Braco School week commencing 28 October. The Community as stakeholders/partners in the School are asked to complete a Survey of their experience /views of the School.
(9.02) Strathearn and Strathallan Partnership.
The value of Grants available in the current session are valued at £37,000 with a closing date 6 December 2019. An additional grant of £1000 is available through Community Councils. To find out more on available grants go to
(9.03) Ardoch in Bloom Awards.
The results of this years competition was a Silver Gilt Award - the Judges commended the improvements which were being made around the Community by the Ardoch in Bloom Committee. The work to the restoration of the entrance to the New Cemetery was a great success. The CC congratulated the Ardoch in Bloom Committee for their endeavours.

(9.04) Food Growing Stratergy.
The aim of the Food Growing Strategy is to ensure that those who wish to grow their own food have the opportunity to do so. The question of suitable land for allotments has already been discussed in this community and no suitable land areas have been either identified or made available. This is possibly a further area the Ardoch in Bloom/ Gardening Club could look at again. The Wall Garden on the Ardoch Estate (Blackford Farms) would make an ideal allotment - it was noted this was a successful project at the walled garden in the Gargunnock House estate. 
(9.05) Local Improvement Plans
PKC wished to develop a clearer and shared understanding of poverty and equality issues.! What Works Scotland aimed to improve the way local areas in Scotland use evidence to make decisions about public service development and reform. Set up in June 2014, it explored how public services could work towards the recommendations of the Christie Commission on the Future Delivery of Public Services (2011) and the Scottish Government’s priorities for reform.
An online learning resource is available for more details Action-Partnerships

(9.06) Fuel Poverty Awareness

Braco and Greenloaning has only one source of fuel - electricity. There is no mains gas for residents to compare prices etc. Discussions had taken place in the past to set up a communal oil buying policy with a supplier to achieve more favourable prices. This had not been progressed.

(9.07) Tayside NHS Orthopaedic Services

Tayside NHS are trying to improve their services to be more local instead of Patients having to travel many miles for consultation or having to wait a long time for appointments.! This consultation period lasts until the end of October. More information is available on 

(9.08) Heart 200 Update.

A report had been received from North Perthshire area who were concerned about the effects of the Heart 200 on the countryside. In order to make a detailed report on any effects caused by this route it would be necessary for the various areas who were concerned to make detailed reports to PKC on Road related issues; Driving Issues should be reported to the Police; Antisocial behaviour reported to PKC’s Safer Communities Team and any issues on Forestry Commission Land to their Complaints Department.

(9.09) Carseview Road.

This road appears to be an unadopted road which has become a hazard to vehicular traffic and pedestrians. Large potholes and poor drainage. Concern was expressed as to why this road was not maintained by the Council as it formed a through route for people/cars on the Mid Lane estate and a pedestrian access route from the Greenhaugh Estate. It is used by BT to work on the telephone exchange, Royal Mail (Post) and PKC vehicles use it to access the waste bins. The road is lit. The 4 properties were originally council houses, of which 3 are now privately owned. Why was the road not made up when the houses were built in the late1940’s?. The CC would seek an explanation from the Council and talk to the residents. 

(9.10) Window Wanderland

This was a form of mid winter community arts Festival inviting communities to join in with displays in their windows. Christmas lights/decorations in the windows?!
For further information see website www.window!

The Meeting closed at 21.05pm 

Date of the Next Meeting: 14 November 2019, 7.30pm Braco Village Hall, 




















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