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Braco and Greenloaning Community Council

Draft Minutes of Community Council Meeting 14 March 2019

Braco Village Hall - 7.30pm



Apologies: A. Gordon, Cllr C Reid.

1a. Barbara Scott It was with sadness the Chairman announced the recent death of Barbara. Barbara had been an active member of the Community Council up to a couple of months ago and taken a keen interest in the various activities in the Community. Barbara had been a resident in the Village for a considerable number of years and her participation will be sadly missed. Her funeral service would be held on Tuesday, 19 March in the Ardoch Parish Church at 10.30am followed by her burial in the New Cemetery.

2. Minutes of Last Meeting.

Approved by M Cox seconded by R Duckworth.

3. Matters Arising.
(3.01) Roads Generally including Greenhaugh Roundabout. -
to damaged road gullies on the A822 had collapsed again, the large pothole adjacent to Drumsheugal in Smiddy Brae had been reported to the Council. It was noted there are several large potholes on the A822 north of Braco. The Public are reminded they can contact PKC through to report road damage.
Work had been completed on programme for the replacement of Greenhaugh Roundabout. The disruption to traffic was minor during the road closure only a few motorists seemed to have ignored the diversion signs. The reports received by the Community Council (CC) were in approval of the increased visibility and therefore safety of residents cars emerging from Greenhaugh Way. It was reported a few motorists had complained about the lack of signage and height of the ramps. Some Drivers were slow to reduce speed resulting in an initial shock of hitting the ‘bumps’. The general opinion from the members of the public at the meeting approved of the measures taken but believed some improved signage could be introduced. The original signs warning of changed layout at the junction were those introduced several years ago when the roundabout was first introduced. PKC did agree that certain signs/poles were to be replaced. The comments of the meeting would be conveyed to PKC Roads for further deliberation. Previous comments about the possibility of introducing other speed restriction bumps along Front Street, Braco, starting at the north end remained on the table. 
(3.02) Grant Applications - The Secretary reported that PKC had held a meeting in connection with the award of grants from the Community Initiative Fund. The redevelopment of the Tennis Court area had submitted for a grant from this fund. A question had been raised at that meeting the timescale for those successful in obtaining grants to spend the money was short and a suggestion was made that if the successful bidders could demonstrate the progress of their projects there could be an extension of the timescale.

(3.03) Braco New Cemetery - Several complaints had been received as to the condition of the Cemetery arising out of the damage by moles. An email had been received from PKC that this would be attended to. The Secretary reported work had been carried out. It was recorded the repairs


(3.04). Greenscares Wind Farm - Further to the discussion held at the February CC meeting it was confirmed that no further action would be taken by PKC to request a ‘judicial review’ on the Reporters decision. The CC had written supporting PKC Planning if they wished to pursue a review but on advice from the Council lawyers and other learned persons, also Gleneagles Hotel, it was decided to accept the decision. Whether the project was still financial viable following the withdrawal of subsidies was still on the table. The current local MP had requested information on the decisions taken as there was a Parliamentary Committee looking into decisions being overturned by Reporters. The two PKC Councillors present did comment that there were further discussions ongoing where Planning Decisions etc. were not being enforced or flouted by Developers etc..

4. Community Police Report
The Secretary reported the new Community Police Officer, Steve Mitchell, was hoping to attend the Meeting but was attending the Comrie CC meeting prior to the Braco Meeting. Unfortunately the Officer did not make the Braco meeting. The Secretary reported, using the Police Area Commanders weekly report, no crimes had been reported locally. Once again the major topic in the Police Report was warning local people to be aware of various scams being used to obtain bank and other personal details covering a wide range of subjects. A recent fraud reoccurring related to mobile phone SIM fraud, where following loss of service the owner of the phone discovers from their supplier a new number and Sim has been issued. Also High Pressure Sales Calls where cold calling pressurises the resident into purchasing goods. Where possible when fraudulent enquiries were being made it was recommended those targeted made their neighbours and other members of the public aware of the schemes. The final comment from the Police Report was pertinent following the replacement of Greenhaugh Roundabout, this was a road safety campaign statement from the Scottish Government: “In Town Slow Down”. 

5. Planning 
General Planning - 2 local applications had been published recently. One for the erection of 2 houses which would replace an agricultural barn on the Kierallan estate. had not received permission to proceed. The second application was for the erection of two dwelling houses at land south of Blueton Farm, Greenloaning.

6. Ardoch Development Trust

The next meeting of the Trust is on 27 March 2019. 

7. Strathearn Forum.
The next meeting of the Forum was to be 18 March however a number of CCs were unable to make this date , a new date was being organised prior to a meeting with PKC CEO for the 27 March to discuss an agreed agenda of local topics as held in previous years.

8. BGCC Accounts
The Treasurer reported the CC Bank Statement of approx. £1090.00. The Treasurer reminded all that information for the end of year accounts was now due.

(9.01) Tennis Court Development - a meeting had been held with the Architect and Contractor to progress the construction of a multi sports area. Various Grant Monies had been secured but an agreement with the Land Owner had to be signed off. Hopeful start date by end of May 2019.

(9.02) MP’s Surgery Dates - a notice had been posted listing the venue and date of future surgeries in April. No surgeries in Braco in April. 


(9.03) Resilient Communities Fund. Details had been received from SSEN Resilient Communities Fund for £140,000 grants available for local communities to enhance community facilities, services and communication. Possible source for obtaining funds for a wifi hub connection for the Village and Church Halls in Braco.

(9.04) Community Planning Partnership. An improved Communications Plan was being developed by the PKC Partnership Board to support greater awareness and understanding of Local Action Partnerships. Further information to be released.
(9.05) Scheme of Establishment of Community Councils. The Scheme has been approved by PKC on 27 February 2019. This document sets out the Constitution, Community Council members Code of Conduct etc. Major changes relate to the end of year for financial accounts and AGM to be held in October prior to elections in November.

(9.06) Statutory Consultation Report - Greenloaning School. This notification forms part of the official procedure to publish a report 3 weeks before the Council takes a final decision on the future of Greenloaning Primary School at Lifelong Learning Committee on 27 March 2019. See PKC webpage for information Proposals-and-Consultation-for-Education-Provision-at-Greenloaning-Primary-School.! (9.07) Access to Financial Services in Scotland. The Scottish Affairs Committee is looking for written submissions on how the closing of ATMs and Banks has impacted on rural communities.!

(9.08) History Leaflets, Lodge Park. New leaflets to be obtained for the Spring season.

(9.09) River Allan Flood Plain. Concern was expressed that a planning development in Bridge of Allan had suggested areas of farming land from Blackford to Kinbuck could form a flood plain to allow the current land in B-O-Allan be suitable for development. This was unacceptable to residents in Greenloaning and others who may be in low lying areas.

(9.10) Braco to Greenloaning Cycle Path - this venture has not progressed however the footpath from Braco to Greenloaning has been widened and improved since this matter was first raised.

(9.11) Helen Graham. The Secretary reported of the death of Helen Graham who had been the Head Teacher for many years at Braco Primary School. Her funeral sevice would be at Perth Crematorium on 22 March 2019 at 10.30am.

The Meeting closed at 20.25pm 

Date of the Next Meeting: 11 April 2019, 7.30pm Braco Village Hall. 



















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