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Braco and Greenloaning Community Council

Draft Minutes of Community Council Meeting 8 August 2019

Braco Church Hall - 7.30pm 

1. Attendees:A.Pryor,M.Cox,M.Boxer,SThomson.

Apologies: R Duckworth, A. Gordon, Cllr M. Lyle, Cllr T Gray.

2. Minutes of Last Meeting.

Approved by M Cox seconded by A Pryor.

3. Matters Arising.
(3.01) Roads Generally
A number of road repairs remain outstanding, including the white lining to the A822. The Secretary to send a reminder to PKC.
(3.02) Braco Village Hall
The Secretary reported work commenced on the refurbishment to the Village Hall ahead of programme however the Council took the decision to renew the boiler and heating system throughout the Hall. This work was originally programmed for next year. This would possibly delay the completion date, 21 August by a couple of weeks. This delay would require the Hall being partly available to the School at the beginning of Term. The Hall Committee had advised the Development Trust (Beer Festival) that this years event should be postponed. It was understood the beer was yet to be ordered. The delay would have an effect on a number of bookings, the work to the Hall was a requirement for Health and Safety purposes. The Council is hoping to progress the construction of the new storage area in the autumn which would enable the Hall floor to be clear of tables, chairs, etc.

(3.03) Tennis Court Area Redevelopment.
An agreement has been reached with the Land Owner to allow this work to proceed. A new start date is to be confirmed with the Architect and Contractor. It was hoped this would be during the autumn however final surfacing may be delayed as it was dependent on temperature (ie. frost etc.).
(3.04) Community Investment Fund (CIF)
Applications for grants are now available for community projects which improve equality and quality of life in Ardoch area. Application Forms can be downloaded from PKC CIF Application Guidance website. The deadline for applications is 5pm on Wednesday 21 August. For further details contact Other Funds are available through the Tesco Grant see Also funds are available through SURF, Scotland’s Regeneration Forum. See PKC Community Planning Partnership web site for further details.
(3.05) Dog Watch 
Progress has been made by the Dog Watch Team in designing suitable notices and boxes to be sited around the Community to remind dog owners of their responsibilities. The Committee have been active in reminding dog owners to clear up after their dogs. The Waste bin at the picnic site, Keir Bridge, has now been emptied.

4. Community Police Report
The Community Policeman, Steven Mitchell, was on leave so the Police Commanders Report was used which identifies issues currently being dealt with by the Police. Farm security was top of the Agenda with the theft of a quad bike from Beannie Farm a recent example. 
A recent report has been received by the CC on the problems being created around the primary School playground and ‘Ark’ shelter. Youths had been seen smoking and drinking leaving litter and glass. The mobile toilet installed at the Hall for the use by the contractor had also been vandalised. These matters will be conveyed to the Community Policeman.
5. Planning. 
Only one local application was recorded - Greenloaning Farm was seeking retrospective planning permission for the erection of the high boarded fence around their property.

6. Ardoch Development Trust. 
A meeting of the Trust was held the previous night when three new Trustees were welcomed on to the Committee. The position of the new Company Secretary was confirmed and all matters relating to agreements etc. with the Charities Commission and Company House put in order. Next meeting of the ADT is on 25 September 2019. Grant applications would be welcomed.

7. Strathearn Forum

A meeting of the Forum has been arranged for Wednesday 21 August in Auchterarder.

8. BGCC Accounts

The Treasurer noted PKC had topped up the CC account which now stood at £1216.41. The Treasurer reminded all that the new timetable for Community Council Accounts to coincide with the new elections etc. required him to have accounts drawn up and audited by the end of September. All outstanding invoices and expenses should be submitted prior to the September meeting.

(9.01) Community Council Elections
Following the revision by the Council to the Community Council Scheme of Establishment a timetable has been issued by PKC detailing the dates by which Elections for the Community Council are to be held. This required all candidates to submit their election nomination papers by 26 September 2019. Only those persons whose names appear on the Electoral Register on 1 August 2019 will be eligible to stand. See Braco Community Council web site for further details.
(9.02) Braco School Playground Area.
See item 4 of the Minutes, Police Report for details of complaint.
(9.03) Solheim Cup
A detailed traffic report has been issued by PKC regarding road closures, traffic movement during the Competition being played at Gleneagles. These restrictions will be enforced from the 1 September to 30 September 2019.
(9.04) Perth and Kinross Proposed Local Development Plan
The Reporters have completed their examination of the above and have published a copy of the examination report online! !
it is understood there are no variations for the LDP relating to Braco & Greenloaning.

(9.05) Land Reform

The Scottish Government is required by the Land Reform (Scotland)Act 2016 to publish a statement on land rights and responsibilities and review every five years. This includes the Scottish Land Fund where the Community purchase of land is supported. This also includes Asset Transfers whereby under Part 5 of the Community Empowerment(Scotland) Act it introduced a right for community bodies to make requests to local authorities re ownership, lease or other rights as they wish.

(9.06) MP’s Surgeries

Luke Graham MP will be holding local surgeries on Friday 16 August in Muthill Village Hall (9.30am). Also Saturday 17 August in Blackford Village Hall (11.45) or Braco Church Hall(15.30) contact can be made on 01259 764407 or 01764 680384, or!

(9.07) Burnfoot Wind Farm
EEF Renewables have reported that the construction of 3 turbines will commence on Monday 2 September. Community Liaison Meetings (7pm) will be held in Blackford at dates to be decided for updates on the project.
(9.08) Data Protection
The Secretary has received advice and guidance about compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation )GDPR) and the Data Protection Act 2018(DPA by PKC Information Compliance Team.
(9.09) Health & Social Care
PKC Health and Social Care Partnership is currently renewing their Strategic Plan, they wish to find out about the health and social care in the Community. Their ambition is to work with communities to support healthy and independent lives so if you have any ideas how the money could be better spent to help communities live healthily contact https://

(9.10) Christmas Lights
Research is being carried out through the ADT into the installation of any form of Christmas Lighting in Braco & Greenloaning. A report would be made on receipt of the proposed ideas.

The Meeting closed at 20.45pm 


Date of the Next Meeting: 12 September 2019, 7.30pm Braco Village Hall,

















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