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Braco and Greenloaning Community Council

Draft Minutes of Community Council Meeting 

10 September 2020

Braco Village Hall - 7.30pm 


1. Attendees:A.Pryor,M.Boxer,A.Gordon,MCoxandCllrTGray

Apologies: S Thomson, Cllr M. Lyle.

1a. The Chairman announced that Richard Duckworth has stood down from the Council for health reasons. The Chairman thanked Richard for his contribution to the Committee and Community over a number of years and especially keeping us in touch with the Dunblane Patient Participation Group reports.

The Chairman welcomed all to the Meeting which was the first gathering of the Community Council for 6 months because of the lockdown procedures put in place by the Government to prevent the spread of the Covid-19 Pandemic. The conduct of the Meeting was carried out in accordance with the risk assessments and requirements in place at this time.

2. Minutes of Last Meeting.

Approved by A Gordon, seconded by A Pryor.

3. Matters Arising.

(3.01) Roads Generally It was noted PKC have carried out some repairs to roads and drainage gullies in the area during lock down. Cllr Gray stated the Council had been mainly involved in repairing the severe flood damage caused by the storms several weeks ago, fortunately Braco and Greenloaning did not have the volume of rain but did have a spectacular display of thunder and lightning. It was noted the gullies (A822) adjacent to the bridge over the River Knaik were still blocked causing water to flow across the road surface. Various other gully repairs were still outstanding. It was noted a road crossing for a water pipe was marked on road surface outside the Village Shop. Apparently there are still lead water pipes in the Gentlecroft area. A hazard was noted in Greenloaning on the footpath/pavement (A822) where the positioning of lamp posts and a bus shelter obstructed the passage of a wheel chair or child’s buggy requiring the pedestrian to move into the road. A number of residents in Front Street had commented on the quietness of traffic during the lockdown period and requested that Front Street should be considered for inclusion on the proposed 20mph limits on various roads in Scotland. This information had been passed to Councillor Lyle to raise with PKC. Speed restriction on A822 at Greenloaning see later item (9.04) in the Minutes. !
Carseview Road. No further progress has been made with PKC on achieving repairs to this road. One resident (Council Tenant) questioned why the road/pavement was not maintained at least in front of his property.
(3.02) Braco Village Hall. The Hall has not been used for several months but with access for restricted use now being allowed, all bookings have to conform with the Govt. regulations and a risk assessment prepared before the Hall is used. It is understood the construction of the MUGA could commence in mid September. A request has been made for the Method Statement and Covid Risk Assessment by the contractor to ensure all precautions are taken so the School/ Childrens play area can be advised all is under

control. The Work will require limited parking for all during construction. PKC have been contacted as the outfall from the drainage to the new surface area is into an existing drain. This drain was to be investigated by PKC back in March. No response to date. 
(3.03) Millhill Estate Flooding Response has been received from PKC but unfortunately no progress has been made to resolve the flooding. The wood and grounds have now been purchased by Rubislaw Estates and contact has been made by the residents requesting the flood water is given urgent attention. The Residents have also contacted PKC about the blocked gullies on the C road (old A9). Contact has been made with Keir & Calder, the original owners of the Site who apparently still own the ‘ransom’ strip around the boundary to the woodland, but no response to date. Questions still are unanswered with regard to the water coming from the property adjacent to the A9.

4. Community Police Report. 
The Police were not in attendance, the current topics taken from the recent Commanders Report reminded all persons had a responsibility to obey the instructions re social distancing, consumption of alcohol and general behaviour and assist neighbours etc in the current circumstances.

5. Planning. 
No major planning applications for this area submitted recently.

6. Ardoch Development Trust. 
The Hardship Fund set up to assist any member of the community during the lock down was still available. The Fund has been supported by the Trust, PKC, SSE and private donors. The Give and Take food boxes are still sited (a) Braco Hall and (b) Greenloaning School to assist anyone requiring help - they have been supported also by PKC and the Food Bank in Crieff.

7. Strathearn Forum
No Forum Meeting are being held. 

8. BGCC Accounts
The Treasurer presented the draft accounts for the year ending the 31st August 2020.! Currently the balance looked healthy as there was money received from the CIF fund (£1000)which was to be spent on improving the WiFi reception in the Hall and an overhaul of the projector wiring. Money had also been received from SSE to assist with financing projects arising out of the Covid-19 lockdown i.e.. signs, community protection etc. PKC requested Community Council Administration Expenses should be identified separately in the BGCC Accounts.

(9.01) Funding - Notification has been received from the Strathearn & Strathallan Stronger Communities Team regarding :-

(a)a review of the council’s Contribution Policy i.e. the contribution which people receive ! services from Adult Social Work Services.!

(b) PKC Recovery and Renewal - PKC are embarking on a programme of recovery and renewal. They wish to develop a stronger economy and become more sustainable. They are requesting a feedback from communities that will be used to reshape council services. PKC wish to build on the support been shown in communities for each other during the lock down period. A survey is available on // covid-19-impact-survey

(c) Help with tenants and residents with fuel bills - Vouchers are available for households in this area for (a)Pre-Payment Meters (b) Increased time in house/higher energy bills/ living in fuel poverty

(d) Local Action Partnership (LAPs) - Funding is available to local groups to support local initiatives. To offer support a community and voluntary efforts in relation to Covid-19; grow the capacity of groups to take on longer term roles and service delivery in the community; supporting groups to take on new volunteers to meet emerging needs in the community; supporting new groups to formalise and develop plans for longer term community development activity. for further information contact

(e) - Foundation Scotland/NET Response , Recovery & Resilience Fund has reopened for applications between £1000 and £5000. The Fund will support organisations to continue their operations in the ‘new normal’ to reestablish their activities to comply with new regulations in addition to providing emergency support for those who need it most. // fund/

(f) PKC/Leader Programme - rural communities will receive support to carry out community engagement work and prepare community action plans. 

(g) PKC Community Impact Survey - the feedback will be used to reshape future council s!ervices.

(9.02) Network Rail 

Preparation Work on the replacement of the culvert under the railway line (Ref: SCM 4) at Greenloaning was carried out in August, the main work is scheduled for later in the year during a line possession weekend. This is part of the project abandoned last year. Concern was expressed by some residents as to the mess left by the contractor. A letter was sent to Network Rail.

(9.03) Planning 

(a)Planning Aid Scotland are seeking views from Community Councils on how the planning system has worked during the Covi-19 situation. There were no contentious projects in this area to comment on.
(b) The Scottish Government have issued a consultation paper on ‘proposed changes to pre-application consultation requirements.’ We understand this is to do with the pre planning meetings where projects are discussed. BGCC would not apply to be represented.

(9.04) A822 Greenloaning Traffic 

A petition has been sent to PKC Planning Transport Team by a number of Greenloaning residents requesting a review of the traffic speed through Greenloaning both with the traffic coming from the A9 dual carriageway and also traffic approaching from Braco, drivers do not readily slow to the required speed limit. Those residents whose driveways exit onto this road especially adjacent to a ‘blind corner’ are concerned as to their safety. The Community Council together with Cllr Gray supports this petition and will add their weight for the speed limit on this road to be reduced for the safety of all.

(9.06) Hall Roof Insulation

Cllr Gray observing the construction of the existing roof in the Hall commented it would be suitable for adding insulation panels. The Chairman reminded the Councillor that this proposal had been made by the Hall Committee several years ago but the offer was not taken up. If the extension work for the storage area went ahead it could well reveal the state of the existing roof and possibly insulation could be looked at during this work.

(9.07) New Cemetery 
It had been noted a pile of scaffold boards, neatly stacked, had appeared in the New Cemetery car park. It appears they are there for a purpose.

(9.08) Recycling Bins 

Several complaints have been made by residents to PKC as to the state of the bins in Braco. The Council has undertaken to tidy up the area and speak with the Recycling Team. It was noted other waste bins in the area (Picnic site, Langside Road) were not being emptied, the Council would attend to this. 
Concern was expressed at the amount of broken glass adjacent to the bins at Greenloaning, if this was caused by the depositer, the CC requested people to take more care in disposing of their bottles etc. This also applies to the bins in Braco.
(9.09) Greenloaning Bus Stop
The bus stop in the lay-by heading out of Greenloaning before the turning to A9 north. is not lit and does not have a shelter. This is a well used bus stop by children in the morning. The Bus stop around the corner adjacent to the Telephone Box does have a shelter and lighting, as does the Bus stop opposite it. A request was to be made to PKC to install at least a shelter and if possible a street light. It was noted the back of the footpath along side the lay-by falls steeply into a drainage area. (This a repeat of an earlier report which remains outstanding.)
(9.10) Coffee Shop Bike Parking
It is understood the Coffee Shop in Braco is proposing some form of ‘bike park’ for the cycling customers. The exact details are unknown at the present. Possible solution to leave bicycles in parking space at the Braco Hotel.
(9.11) Light Distraction, Greenloaning. 
Complaints had been received from local motorists that an unshielded light on the last house on the left hand side approaching the A822 flyover over the A9 was a potential distraction and safety hazard. CC would investigate. (The Secretary to take a trip up the road in the dark).

The Meeting concluded at 21.15.

Please Note

The Date of the next meeting was provisionally booked for Thursday 8 October 2020, in view of the revised coronavirus regulations about meetings etc. this meeting may not be held.


























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