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DRAFT Minutes of meeting held 27th June  2017 in MacDonald Dryburgh room at 7.00p.m

Present: Provost Gordon, Cllr P Gordon, Cllr J Taylor, Cllr. K Hill, Cllr H Wight, Cllr. H Oliver, Cllr Jonentz, Cllr N Maternaghan, J Coulson, SB Cllr Brown, SB Cllr Scott, SB Cllr Hamilton,

Apologies Cllr. C. Purves, C Marshall,


Provost Gordon opened the meeting reminding those present of the Code of Conduct and the need to Declare Interest where appropriate. 


Minutes of last meeting

The Minutes of the March meeting was approved on the proposal of Cllr Wight, seconded

Cllr. Jonentz


Matters Arising

Cllr Wight advised that the area of the motor vehicle display site was not as bad as expected although the fence is still to be erected.  Concerns that the plan states 8 cars and there are 16 should not be a problem.


Cllr Wight thanked Cllrs Oliver and Maternaghan for their support on Declaration Night


Public Toilets

Cllr Taylor advised the Alliance were concerned at the charges imposed on public toilets and it was agreed this matter should be left on the agenda to push back on charges and maintain acceptable standards and openings at reasonable times.  SB Cllr Scott advised there was no statutory obligation to provide free facilities but agreed people do not mind paying if the toilets are clean.

Action:  SB Cllr Hamilton to ask SBC to look at this again as Jedburgh is first town coming from south.

SB Cllr Brown supports proposal. Situation to be monitored



Cllr Wight proposed a letter be written to enforcement officer following complaints about the scaffolding on the corner at the pedestrian crossing which is a traffic hazard and has been up for many months. Provost Gordon seconded this.  SB Cllr Scot advised that after a site meeting the work required is more than anticipated.  SB Cllr Brown advised SBC had a responsibility for public safety and estimates received were very expensive and are being re-examined by an independent surveyor, complicated by multi-ownership of 5.

Action: Secretary to write to Enforcement officer


Jed Shed

Cllr Wight advised members of Jed Shed had undertaken painting of seats and flower pots on the ramparts and he proposed JCC gave a £50.00 donation.  Provost Gordon proposed £100. Agreed

Action: Treasurer to send a cheque for £100 with a letter of thanks for all the good work.


Police Report

Police report was circulated.



Scottish Borders Council Report

SB Cllr Brown:

1) AMEY having problems with town signs on Canongate and confirms new signs at signmakers

2) Localities Committees have been set up and £500000 to be dispersed by submitted bids. SB Cllr Brown suggested community driver recycling centre for Jedburgh but Jedburgh Councillors not in agreement



SB Cllr Hamilton:

1) advised £85000 available for Cheviot area through Localities Committee

2) Issues regarding maintaining the grass area at Howden Crescent are on-going

3) Mr. Finnie (SBC) assured SB Cllr Hamilton grass cutting in the Cemetery will happen and that gravestones will be erected on a rolling programme

 4) Cheviot Youth Hub opened on Jedburgh High Street


SB Cllr Scott:

1) The Cars scheme opened today with £1m allocated over five years. 

2) An Open Day at JGS will be held and the consultation on proposed new school is coming to an end

3) Jed Rock Festival had been a sell out and very successful.


Support was given to re-erect the headstones although no statutory duty to do so as there is a tourist benefit as people like to trace ancestors.  Main concern is the untidiness of the cemetery.


Cllr Purves asked what the criteria was for access to the monies available from the Localities Committee and was advised by SB Cllr Brown none had been laid down yet, but proposals and rules should be available by August.


Cllr Taylor said it was not acceptable for Waverley Housing to wash their hands of maintaining the grass area at Howden Crescent if they own the area.  SB Cllr Hamilton advised they definitely own the area but they will only pay for 27 household shares and propose to charge each household £10.00, any more would be unacceptable.

Action:  SB Cllr Hamilton to continue negotiations.


Cllr Jonentz reported the dangerous hazard of the hedge on Oxnam Road.

Action: SB Cllr Brown to contact Neighbourhood Service


Secretary’s Report/Correspondence

Application for erection of flats on High Street:

Concerns regarding lack of parking for the flats on the plan.

Action: Observation to be made asking planning department to examine creating parking even at the expense of one flat.  Proposal to build flats agreed.





Provost Gordon asked for Baillies for Festival:

Kirking of Callant              H. Oliver              K Hill

Queens Ride                      H Oliver               Pamela Gordon  (Vice-Chairman H Wight)

Investiture                          K Hill                     H Oliver

Festival Day                        H Oliver               S Scott

Return of Sashes              H Oliver                                P Gordon


Cllr Wight advised he had attended a Common Good Fund meeting and SBC had now set up three Charitable Trusts for The Impoverished, Education, Structural and propose to combine with all existing charitable trust funds.  Chairman will be David Parker.  Jedburgh Common Good Fund had been refunded £5000 from Jed Thistle as they did not go to Malestroit.  Cllr Wight advised that the Common Good Fund performance had been poor and SBC are looking at the Investment Managers.


Provost Gordon advised that the next meeting will be 22nd August and as Council is in an election year there will be no September meeting.


The next meeting will be 22nd August  2017.




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