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This website is for news concerning Inverness South. We will publish as much helpful information as we can about things of interest to residents. It is also a vehicle for you to tell us about things of interest and concern to you.

Meetings are normally held on the first Monday of each month (except summer months) at Inshes Primary. For specific dates, please see 'ISCC MEETINGS'

The ISCC welcomes public participation and encourages attendance at our meetings - just a couple of hours each month. Please come along to hear what is happening in our area and have your say

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Latest Updates



Tullochs - drop in session re new developments - 28th June, MoL School. This will be discussed in our July meeting



There will be a library service opening at Milton of Leys Pharmacy on Tuesday 29th March, after the Easter Bank Holiday. Further details will follow, but it is understood, at this time, to be a swap facility - you bring in a book and take another away



Fibre Broadband  Still waiting for 'superfast broadband'? Try this link to see what the schedule is then register your expression of interest:…/default.aspx
You never know - it might help to push things along in your area



Greenbelt Maintenance - To see what maintenance schedule there is for the open spaces near you, please see the maps in the 'Greenbelt Maintenance' tab





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