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This website is for news concerning Inverness South. We will publish as much helpful information as we can about things of interest to residents. It is also a vehicle for you to tell us about things of interest and concern to you.

Meetings are normally held on the first Monday of each month (except summer months) at Inshes Primary. For specific dates, please see 'ISCC MEETINGS'

The ISCC welcomes public participation and encourages attendance at our meetings - just a couple of hours each month. Please come along to hear what is happening in our area and have your say

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First Inverness SuDS Conference – SuDS for People and Wildlife


Highland Council graduate research assistant Marcia Rae has been investigating the presence of amphibians in Inverness Sustainable Urban Drainage (SuDS) ponds and the results will be presented at the first ever Inverness SuDS Conference on Friday  27th November. This Conference will be the first of its kind in the Highlands and aims to ensure that urban development is designed for maximum benefit to local residents and wildlife.

This is a free event to attend, including lunch, and is open to anyone with an interest in Urban Drainage, Green Infrastructure, Wildlife or Amphibians. The Conference, which takes place at the Council Headquarters on Glenurquhart Road, will start at 10.00 and finish at 15.30.

The day will include talks from Brian D’Arcy, who will discuss how we can optimise SuDS interest for wildlife and Alison Duffy from Abertay University who will discuss how the multiple benefits that can be gained from SuDS. The afternoon will involve some workshops on how to deliver this best practice on the ground.

Graduate Assistant Marcia Rae said: “This is an opportunity for local residents to learn more about what they can get from SuDS and for those involved in the designing and implementation of SuDS to work together to get the most from these features.”

For more information about the Conference, to book a place, or to find out more about the Inverness SuDS project contact Marcia Rae at or telephone 07753352400.


Planning: A new planning application has been submitted by Tullochs, looking to change the approved plans for development at Parks Farm - See 'Planning News'


Want to get involved with political debate on the TV?? This is from Robert Beck of Outline Productions:

'Outline Productions who are developing a new political series for Sky with the working title Us And Them. We’re looking for a team of members of the public who would take turns every few weeks to appear on a panel of around 4 who get to question an equivalent panel of politicians, business leaders and other decision-makers about important issues of the day. 

We want to go further than programmes like Question Time, giving the people who take part an opportunity to exchange views with the decision-makers on equal terms. Our intention is for regular people’s opinions and experiences to get more of a hearing but also for the decision-makers to be less able to hide behind evasive answers.

We are not featuring anyone who holds an elected office as one of our “person on the street” side of the panel and so councillors themselves could not appear, but I was hoping you might be able to pass the information about this program on to anyone you think might be interested in taking part in your local area or any groups in your area which could have members interested in taking part. We are looking for anyone with strong opinions about what’s going on in the country and the world today. If they or give me a call on 0207 424 7608 I could tell them a bit more.'


Fed up with litter blowing around? Join Milton of Leys primary school kids on Tuesday 24th November from 10:00 - they are going to be out and about doing a litter pick-up. All welcome. Should be a fun day


Across the Bridge cycle race

Sunday 13th December 10:00am-13:30pm



Barnardos - Barnardos are looking for volunteers for their store. Please contact


Indoor Kart Centre - Nearly open!


Community Development / St. Columba Church of Scotland - Annette Maclean, Community Development Worker for Inverness St. Columba Church of Scotland is looking to hear from anyone living in Slackbuie who would be interested in sharing  their views on living in the area.  As part of a community information gathering project taking place over the summer, Annette is keen to hear from any residents who could be part of a focus group (a single one hour meeting over lunchtime) or who would be willing to complete a short survey.  It’s not a big commitment and would just involve a little of your time and opinion!  If you are potentially interested please contact Annette on 07738 275956 or email


Greenbelt Maintenance - To see what maintenance schedule there is for the open spaces near you, please see the maps in the 'Greenbelt Maintenance' tab





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